EVENT: National Outreach


  • Salvation
  • Gathering the first fruits which will include teaching, implementation of the word, Holy Spirit and water baptism.
  • To a win a soul from every family and to reachout to all the villages that make up Gidigidi.
  • Ultimate purpose is to plant a church which starts from a bible study group and hence handed to mission consult consequently.
  • To make them evangelical

DATE: 1st-30th October 2015

VENUE: Mada Land, Gudi town Nasarawa State


ACTIVITIES: one on one reach out with individual target, Crusades, School outreach, Children’s time out, Career Talk, Soccer outreach, Medical outreach, Bible study classes

  1. OF SOULS WON: 75

Three Sowers participants from Lagos arrived on the 30th of September, they were greatly received by  Pastor and Mrs Femi Ehinola of Missions Consult.

The next morning been October 1st, the participants woke up at few minutes before 7am, after a little readjustment they started their morning devotion which lasted for about an hour. At 11pm the participants moved down to pastor Femi’s house to discuss NATO plans and objectives. Salvation asked our missionary host for his opinion on what he will have us do and also described what NATO is. Pastor Femi said we are free to carry out our planned actions but he will still give a background talk. He described talking about the gospel, listening or accepting Christ not a difficult thing but the problems lies on what happens after. He further described their minds are affected by a spiritual game plan.

Emphasis was laid on the follow up system which is a strong challenge for all missionary work. Though a lot of inputs has been put to place in order to strengthen new converts. Inputs such as training of some teachers in Hausa language or even sending them to Bible school but at the end they rather choose to remain abroad and not return as agreed. Another follow up strategy is running a discipleship programme but the major challenge faced is that these materials are not in vanacular which is mostly required since most times people don’t understand English, he also complained of inconsistency due to insufficient staffing.

DATE: 1ST-3RD OCT 2015


In order to prepare us for the work ahead the participants underwent training in Pastor Femi’s house. He said going forward in missions field the best method to use in reaching out to unbelievers is known as the Oral method otherwise known as Orality Discipleship.

Orality is simply using stories to preach the word for about 15 minutes. At the beginning of this application so many positive testimonies emerged. As for retinership it has been considered at looking at them as your fruits. In the area of church planting he said there would be a huge man power to follow up the church. He stated that due to cultural barrier which doesn’t let a man sit to listen a woman in a gathering hence the church would be formed into cells. In order to run/build a church it would be wiser to raise indigenes who would be disciplers. In regards to raising indigenes it would be imperative to train the persons from the scratch. He encouraged all to feature orality in all their orientation. He asked that all he wants is a tithe of the number of persons in each village.

In terms of scope of discipleship when we approach our targets it is wise to start with a form of discussion; once you notice the iceberg, key into it and start a biblical story that tallies with it. After telling the story for the first time ,tell the story again and again but as you go on tell it slowly and carefully.

He formally introduced the topic FRANGELISM






In FRANGELISM it is important to note that you do not bring your own world view to their own world view rather it is paramount that we understand their own world view, culture and all that concerns them. Just like saying if I know my attitude, character will hinder the flow of the gospel I better pack my bags and go.

As missionaries there are issues that have to be understood such as cultivating the habit of warming your hearts towards them. Our focus should be to see Jesus enthroned. Our discussion is centered primarily to talk only about Jesus, His death. His resurrection, glory, ascension and the living grace after His death. As missionaries certain criteria are required which include,





Interpersonal relationship



Actions in all things

In a group or one on one we must be careful in trying to preach Christ, we must not change their culture but it must be changed. For one to be friends you have to come down to their level. It is also important to also bring down one’s language to as simple as what a toddler can understand. When you meet them for the first time the first thing is not supposed to preach the gospel, the first thing is to create an interpersonal relationship by getting to know them with an open mind, you also get to build bridge of openness and trust.  When talking to them, don’t force a question, if unanswered just let it go. Learn to listen more and also give room to hear from them.

It was important to note that in mada environment women are regarded as second fiddle. Amongst women a woman can talk but amongst men you don’t talk.

Major functions of the church is to

  1. Worship God—-JHN 4:23-24
  2. Edify and instruct itself —ACTS2:42, EPH 4:11-13
  3. Evangelise the word——-ACTS 1:18, MTT 28:18-20

It is a big key to note that as a missionary you cannot talk about evangelism of the word without spiritual warfare because for every context there is a talk of spiritual warfare in it.

Diverse kinds of warfare

  1. VICINITY WARFARE: For all venues and even your sleeping places should be taken control of. It is important to know that for brethren reach out, we ought to read the word always.
  2. STREET WARFARE: Learn to take control of the street, when fighting spiritual warfare fight with the word of GOD.
  3. HOUSE to HOUSE WARFARE: Whenever you go to anyones house, in the midst of your greetings, keep fighting and praying against any forces of darkness in your spirit. When you get to whatever location before dropping off, take authority of that city.
  4. PRAISE AND WORSHIP WARFARE: Praise match is also warfare of evangelism. (note that praying out loud in some villages is an abomination).

Orality is not a new thing per say. Orality was the primary tool of Jesus communication, Oralty is a bit difficult because of interpretation, and storytelling involves more of melodrama. When you meet your target first get to undertstand your audience so as to k now the story to tell.

In evangelism there are five levels of literacy related to the gospel

Illiterates: they cannot read or write, they have never seen a word before, and they are blind to letters. Words are like sounds and images to them.

Functional Literates: they have been to school to read and write but after two years they forget everything.

Semi Literates: even though they have gone to school for 10 years, they only learn and comprehend by narratives.

Literates: they rely mainly on print media.

Highly Literates: they are often professionals who rely mainly on print and culture media.

*After understanding your audience there are other issues to dig more in order to understand his/her world view like family issues, life history etc. it is also imperative we dig into their roots and foundations.


PANTHESIM: the belief that man can control his own destiny and be a god by worshipping many gods.

RE-INCARNATION: belief that man does not but relives his life in another form. Unfortunately it serves as open door for demons.

RELATIVENESS: Considered something as true in relatives with other things i.e. measuring ourselves

False assumptions on source of power

IGNORANCE: failure to know the truth

TRADITIONALISM: The belief that tradition holds the key to the truth.

ELITESIM: belief that knowledge enables one to rise above the average person to a semi super natural person.

Why are power encounters important to note in church planting?

-ignorance of the biblical teachings of powers encounters could hamper the effectiveness of the church planter (biblical pattern)

A church planter should be able to identify the forces that oppose evangelism, the principal sources and go forth.

Failure to equip oneself with weapons of spiritual warfare will spell sure defeat.

Trying to outwit satan without a theology or power encounter is suicide.

Change agents in that community truly understands the purpose of your coming

According to ACTS 1:8, every group comes with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Resist the forces of evil through materialism, rationalism, paganism in the name of JESUS

Demand the forces of evil to go out in the name of JESUS.

Renounce the devil and his works publicly.

During outreaches, while praying for people you must n ever cover your eyes.

The participants finally moved to their base location which was in Angwa Gidigidi B, they were fully received by the village head known as the Miangwa. They were taken to the apartment which was a parlour with three bedroom flats. Prayers were said before they moved in and settled well.

DATE: 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th


The first crusade/film show took place on 7th October. It started at 6:59pm with opening prayers said by Pastor Henry. After which the film show was aired and it lasted for 40 minutes. During the film show Pastor Henry also translated as it went on.  He gave the word from 7:40-8:00pm. He also made an alter call and led them to Christ. Closing prayers was said at 9pm, a total of 34 adults and 18 children were in attendance.

On the night of 8th of October the crusade started by 7:30pm with the movie passion of Christ was translated in Hausa. At a time the movie was paused by 8:55pm as Pastor Henry began to preach on the reason for Christ suffering. The entire message was preached in Hausa. An alter call was made at the end of the message to which nobody stepped out. The movie was resumed by n9:20pm and ended by 10:02pm at which the meeting closed as well. A total of 36 adults and 13 children were in attendance.

On the night of 9th of October the evening meeting started by 7:57pm with an opening prayer by Pastor Moses. There was a section of songs which lasted till about 8:05pm, the movie titled “slippery path” commenced by 8:07pm and lasted till 8:38pm after which Rev Moses started ministering to the people in hausa. Alter call was made, several responded to it but we couldn’t get a specific number because we observed they were always reticent to come out for alter calls hence they were asked to just place their hands on their chest while they sat and prayer of salvation was made. There were a total of 43 adults of which 8 of them were Fulani men and 14 children. The meeting ended at 9:14pm.

On the 12th of October, the crusade started at 7Pm with opening prayers, then the film show commenced at 7:06pm. Rev Moses preached to them in Hausa. We had a total of 22 Fulani’s which include men, women, teenagers and children that attended the crusade; though they preferred to stand and so we didn’t bother them to sit. We had 39 adults and 9 children (these excludes the Fulani’s) in number that attended the crusade that night.

On the 13th of October each participants went out to mobilize the villagers for the film show/crusade for that night. The Fulani’s started arriving earlier than the stated time and so we had to start the film show earlier than scheduled. It was started by 5:59pm by Rev Moses with a brief prayer. The movie aired from 6:00pm-6:39pm. Rev Moses came up next to share the word with them, he taught on compassion; the Fulani’s had to leave from 6:30pm because it was their prayer time. Pastor Tony came up next and carried out healing section. A woman with pain in her left leg got healed after been prayed for, she was able to raise that same foot well. Another case of a woman who had problem with her hearing got healed. Another woman with stomach pain and ceased period got healed

On the 14th of October the film show began at exactly 6:45pm-7:05pm. Pastor Tony preached briefly then he further asked for those with testimonies. The woman who was prayed for the other night said for five years she couldn’t hear well with the ear but after been prayed for the other day she could even hear as little as a whisper. Afterwards some participants were asked to lay hands on they were sick amongst the villagers; a little boy testified of healing from an eye that was itching him, the miangwa wife that was sickening g of fever also got healed. Hannah Christopher came up privately to rededicate her life to Christ; she was prayed for and counselled. The crusade came to an end at 8:15pm.




As FRANGELSIM was the main method of reaching out to them, a set up plan of which every participant had to have at least one villager to always visit, go to farm/market with, help out with house chores, spend quality time with so as to build a bridge that would open their heart and warm it towards the participants. This helped to create opportunities for the propagation of the gospel.


DATE: 20TH-21ST OCT 2015


The football game was organised by Frank Awazie which took place in the field of MDG primary school Gidigidi A. the villages that were involved are gidigidi a, gidigidi B, angwan tudu and kafachan mada. The game started on the 20th of October to 21st of October. The sum of 25000  was budgeted for the game

When the four teams gathered in the field the refree in person of Kelvin Una Chukwu casted a ballot for the four teams to know who will play with the other. The result of the casted ballot are angwa tudu versus kafachan mada and gidigidi a versus gidigidi b.

The game begun with anwan tudu versus kafachan mada and at the end of the game the both teams drew 0-0 which resulted to a penalty shot of which anwan tudu won with 5-4 goal points. That same day after the game between angwan tudu and kafachan mada gidigidi a and gidigidi b began and the two teams ended with a draw which also resulted to penalty shoot out. Due to mit was already dark the penalty ended with a draw and was postponed to the next day.

The final game was played on the 21st of October but beforw the final game, the penalty between gidigidi a and gidigidi b continued and gidigidi a qualified(4-3).  The final game started between gidigidi a versus angwan tudu and gidigidi a won by one goal to zero. Gidigidi a won the trophy and they were given a cash price of ten thousand naira for the first place and angwan tudu was given N5000 for the second place. The game ended successfully by the grace of God but we utilise the great opportunity to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

DATE: 11TH OCT 2015


The career programme was organised by Ebiobise Daniel,  Solomon, Gabriel and Precious. The programme was held on Sunday 11thof October 2015. It started at 4:15pm and ended at 6:30pm. The career talk covered teaching the student how to study and become successful in their academic and also how to choose career for themselves. The first lecture was anchored by Solomon and the second section was anchored by Gabriel. The final section of questions and answers was anchored by Tony and Precious. After which an alter call was made and the students gave their lives to Christ. A total number of 13 students gave their lives to Christ.



The school outreach was first anchored by Chizoba who during the family day’s review told the house that her target is the children. She was able to meet the teachers on her first visit to the MDG School. She spoke with the teachers and also let them into understanding of what we do and who we are . She was able to start tutoring the kids by going to the school along with few other participants every morning. Her discovery was that the kids lacked good foundation and also an exhibition of nonchalant attitudes by the teachers. Chizoba left and handed over the work to Nneoma.

Nneoma led the team every morning to the school. Teaching started anything from 8am to 11am which is their break time. During the times the other participants taught them in the class; Nneoma called for meetings with the staff; she did interview on each of them to understand why they have refused to teach these kids. The teachers complained of been paid their salaries for as long as six months. She encouraged them to imagine their kids in this citadel of learning and not been taught. She encouraged to carry a heart like Christ and also taught them more on the gift of salvation and the importance of the Holy Spirit. The teachers were able to understand the message passed and always looked forward to the participants coming to teach every morning; whereby if they don’t see them they go as much as coming with their motorcycle to look for them in the base location

The children on day to day teaching were also taught A-Z and using biblical examples for what each letter stands for. They were also taught Christian songs. They were always prayed for at the end of every lesson.

The teachers also came for the medical outreach organised of which they were attended to and prayed for.

Two participants; Onyemaechi and Uche joined Stephen and Nneoma on the last day the children were taught, they were prayed for and the in filling of the Holy Spirit was also carried out on them.

By the time the participants were leaving Mada land it was fully observed that the teachers started to pick interest in the children. The children on their own part was open to learn more, and showed improvement.



The participants started a perspective class and this went on till the last week of the outreach?

  • Who is God to you?
  • How do you know God’s will for you?
  • Knowing the principles of God and keeping them?
  • How do we search the scriptures for our life happenings/challenges?
  • How do we know God is speaking to us?
  • How to move from prophecies to reality; what God’s perspective of those who pursue their personal destiny over God’s kingdom prophecies?
  • Is there any straight way of finding God’s will?
  • What is God’s recipe for success?
  • Can there be a success without a successor?
  • What is your conviction about doing God’s work?
  • How can one be a witness?

The participants engaged in chain prayers all through the outreach, both in the afternoon and midnight. Meeting which also served as an avenue to re-strategise and plan for the next action ahead.


DATE: 16-17TH OCTOBER, 22nd-24th


The first day of the medical outreach was on the 16th, the participants went out after their morning devotion to remind the villagers within and also around the Fulani settlement to remind them of the medicals holding as from that morning.

On return, the different sections were set up and training of the participants for each vital roles to engage in commenced. The medical outreach was split into four units of order namely;

  1. Vital signs unit
  2. Doctors
  3. Prayer and counselling unit
  4. Pharmacy unit.

It started from between the hours of 9 and 10am and lasted till evening. So many villagers were out for medical checkup/services.

During the second round of the medicals, the participants moved over to Angbaku where our host missionary Pastor Femi and his wife resides. The primary school was used as the avenue for the medical services. Meanwhile the theatre room was also set in place for surgeries. The unit was also set up in same manner but we had an addition of the optometrist for those that had eye problems.

Throughout the medicals, over 650 patients were attended to, 70 patients attended to by the optometrist, 4 successful herniorrhapies (2 being both direct and indirect inguinal hernia), 3 hydrocelectomies and 2 lumpectomies took place on Friday and Saturday. Free glasses were also distributed and general de-worming campaign was also done



  1. Yakubu Usman, a young man of about 30years from Anguwan Dariya, had a growth around his groins. He had 2years ago, undergone a surgery on the same which was successful but after a while, the growth returned and could be felt with the hand.

When he came to the counseling room, he could still feel he growth when touched with the hand. He heard and received the gospel of Jesus Christ and was gloriously saved. After having received Jesus Christ and he was prayed for by one of the counselors, the growth instantly dematerialized to his utter amazement. He sought for the growth, but Jesus had performed a surgical operation on Him and had taken away the growth.

  1. Cecilia Gambo, a woman of about 55years of age from Pancha in Anguwan Dariya had series of health challenges which included incessant pains on her back and feet, a growth on her left shoulder and intense pains in her neck resulting from the growth.

She came for counseling, believed the gospel and received Jesus as her Lord and savior after which she was prayed for concerning her health challenges. After she was prayed for, the associated pains was diminished, while the hardened growth on her left shoulder gradually began to diminish.

  1. Laraba Haruna, a young woman of about 35years of age from Maraba (Abuja), believed the gospel, and received Jesus Christ as Lord.

After she was prayed for, incessant chest pain that had lasted about 3years and had previously defied medical treatments was instantly healed.

She was so full of gratitude to God.

  1. Halima Kungi, an elderly woman of about 75years received healing for her eyes problems.
  2. Nasara Musa, a 40years old woman from Angbaku was ministered to by one of our counselors, and her blurred vision was instantly healed and she could see clearly. She was also healed of leg pains.
  3. Hajiya Baka, a woman of about 45years, when she was prayed on, her swollen leg which was also stiff was miraculously healed.
  4. 30years old Janet Bature, a young woman who had a stiff finger was healed miraculously, and flexibility was restored to her finger after she was ministered to of the anointing.
  5. Ibrahim Bature, an elderly Moslem man of about 61years old from Angbaku was gloriously saved after he believed the gospel. After prayers ware offered for him, he dropped his walking aid and walked without pains after more than 9years of excruciating pains. He was marvelously healed.
  6. Agwai Michael, a man of about 69years from Kafanchan Mada was instantly healed of consistent back pains which had lasted 5years and had defied medical help.
  7. A Roman catholic catechist, Ezekiel Cilla had consistent severe pains from his waist, down his right foot and had been unable to bend nor walk without pains, reported that he was referred by another woman who had similar health challenge and had previously been healed in our medical outreach in Gidigidi; after he was ministered to, 62years old Ezekiel was instantly healed. He bent down, walked and ran without any pains. Hear him say “I had heard of miracles before; today it has happened to me. I cannot find the pains.”
  8. Another man who had been laid off from his job in Port Harcourt because of a health challenge which had moved one of his spines from its place and had prevented him from standing up straight, after he was prayed on, his spine was miraculously moved back to its normal position, and he stood straight. It was indeed a creative miracle. He said “see; my spine has moved.” The spine could be visibly seen to have moved.
  9. Patience Godiya, a young woman of about 35years from Anguwa Yara, had previously had intense internal heat and incessant headaches, and could not put on any top (shirt) as a result of the heat because she lost the ability to sleep. She had not slept since the 24th of June 2015. She came for the medical outreach in Gidigidi on the 22nd of October 2015 and she gave her life to Jesus Christ and was ministered to by our counselors. She testified that on reaching home that day she slept off and was not even aware when it was daybreak. She came the next day putting on a shirt, and was also healed of a leg pain.


Several other cases of body pains in various parts, eye defects, fevers, ulcers and blurred visions were marvellously healed. Blood pressures were miraculously instantaneously normalized.


Number of souls won                                                    52 (including 3 Moslems)

Number of people instantly healed                         56


DATE: 16th- 17th


Inquires made the participants realise that the Fulani man adores his cattle even m ore than family, hence the need where they had to plan and execute a veterinary missions reach out in order to reach the Fulani’s.

Two Sowers vet doctors came to the field and carried out services for two days. Over 400 cattle was ministered to, the hearts of the Fulani’s were touched greatly. They taught they came from the government but the vet Doctors did not fail to let them know that it was Jesus that has sent them to show love unto them. This helped to build trust and made open doors to the gospel in the land


A total of 98 nets were given to us from one of Sowers person, the nets were distributed to nursing mothers, families within Gidigidi B, people who came for prayers and also for as many as those that were to attend the bible studies.

DATE: 2 7th


As the participants were rounding up to go, it was important for them to raise disciples that would continue the work. Though disciples that have been targets for participants as they came and left were still groomed. They (the disciples) were taught the word of God and great emphasis on who the Holy Spirit, His gift and His fruits was also let known to them. This was to prepare their hearts and ready them for the desire of the infilling of the Holy Spirit into their lives.

On Tuesday night, Holy Spirit power packed prayers was held for them, the participants filled the raised disciples with the Holy Spirit.


The last set of participants left on the 30th to Abuja. Thank God for the success of NATO 2015, for the number of participants who made it to the field, for the journey mercies to all, for HIS sustenance to everyone while we were on the field, for raising evangelical disciples, for the friendship the people of Gidigidi extended to us, for the number of souls won, for every time we spent on the field, for our financial partners, for our prayer partners