The Prophetic (VSR 2015)


Prayers held at the first night of the VSR

-God said HE has given us HIS love and so HE needs us to love HIM back

-HE needs souls! it pains HIM to see perished souls, been condemned that is the greatest


-HE has given us everything, vision, HE has cleared our path and HE has done HIS part, HE is waiting

for us. HE doesn’t want us to think it is difficult because when we do, it breaks HIS heart.

-What greater JOY HE will give us if we do HIS will. HE will bless us ,HE has given us HIS anointing and

HE is at our back.

-Do we think HE who gave us this vision will let us go on our own? ; “I AM THE GOD ALMIGHTY AND I


-LISTEN!!! Listen to one another for HE will keep speaking to us.

-Do not neglect HIS word, no matter where it is coming from. Weigh HIS word because HE has

already cleared the path.

-HE plans with us and HE is ahead of us.

-HE needs souls!!!…that is our ultimate call that is the greatest call. Just follow HIM, follow HIS

pattern and directions and it shall be well with us.

-And for the little ones, don’t think of what you need, HE has made everything sufficient, HE just

need a step. HE has never failed in HIS word. HE has already promised us and will give us all we


-Listen again little ones; do not be afraid HE doesn’t like it when we doubt HIM. Whatever we have

in our mind just go because HE has already given us what we need. HE will not and cannot fail.

-And the Heads, always listen to them (i.e. the little ones) , nobody is least, you all are part of my

body. HE will always speak to us all. Listen to them, acknowledge HIS word.

-Always remember to ask me before you go out. HE is the LORD of all flesh, nothing is impossible.

-All heaviness in our heart has HE taken to himself so therefore do not think of what to do for HE has

provided for us with an everlasting love

-Always remember to do HIS will and HE will establish us and stand by us to the end of our life. Do

that which will please HIM and all will be well with us.

-To someone that came to the communion; he had in him something that he is ashamed of. GOD has

taken it away. NO need to struggle with it again because GOD has taken it away.

-That moment when we can’t go on HE will manifest HIS strength.

-HE has poured out HIS spirit without measure unto us.

-Mark this day as a day of everlasting JOY. A joy unhampered with. Do not forget it because it will

stand for us.

-Nobody can stop us because we are set free. And we are experiencing a fresh dimension of HIS


-We are breaking every furrow ground, every barrier, we can never blow cold, and we shall be hot.


And he saw an outpouring of oil over our heads and since we have openly declared HIM so HE will

declare us before HIS FATHER

-As we were praising HIM at HIS at HIS right hand; HE said”these are my children and they will do

greater things”

-For us that came with a burden HE said “is there anything too hard for HIM to do? HE will give us

reason to smile before the year ends”

Another confirmed the anointing with oil. And also added that this is a year of multiplication.

-Another vision came that we were rubbed with oil all over our body (confirmation), every one of us.

-Saw a basket full of fruits and food stuffs; this represents fruitfulness. And she saw a great war

between the hosts of angels coming down from the opened gate of heaven fighting all principalities

and power that will come against our outreaches and other programs. This represent a clear part to

walk on; our mission’s challenges have been dealt with and a voice told her to tell us to “Go forth

the way has been prepared”.